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Miracles happen at Suzie’s

It has always amazed me how much pain, hunger and abuse a small dog can take and still wag their little tails in forgiveness and love.

Here are a few of the incredible stories of ‘thrown-away’ dogs that came in to Shelley’s and my life and captured our hearts and blessed us in ways that can’t be described.

$12.00 per month will save 2 Kitties
or 3 Puppies or 1 Adult Dog each year.




A little girl who was minutes away from ‘deaths door’ that went on to live with a family in Wisconsin.

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Simon had been hit by a car in 2007. Both eyes were knocked out of their sockets and 4 ribs had been broken away from his backbone.

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The Story of Jordan & Jingles

October of 2008. When they turned around there she was with her little tail wagging almost as if she already knew that wonderful things were going to be a part of the rest of her life. It took a lot of love to help her survive.

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The Shelley Allison Suzie’s Friends Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501(c)3 facility located in Homerville, GA that has operated as a state-of-the-art Animal Sanctuary since 2004 and as Feral Cat Rescue in Glynn County since 2005 with over 9,000 animals saved.  It is registered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. License Number: 33-3394555

Our primary address is:
420 Captain Wylly Road, Jekyll Island, GA 31527