The Shelley Allison, Suzie’s Friends Memorial Fund

To honor the life of Shelley Allison the Suzie’s Friends organization would like to help fund 501(c)3 Charities engaged in making a positive difference in a troubled life.

From $1,500.00 to $78,000.00 Available Annually
for Licensed Rescues/Animal Welfare Organizations

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Grant Writing is not a part of our requirements.

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Memorial Fund


When we built our Animal Shelter in Homerville, Georgia back in 2003 funding was easy since my wife and I owned a business that donated 100% of the profits to caring for homeless animals. But now things have changed. We sold our business in 2017 and all of a sudden I realize – firsthand – the same financial fears that so many of you have been living with since that first ‘stray’ showed up on your doorsteps..

In February of 2017 my precious wife, my life, went to Heaven. Since that time every minute of every day revolves around the beautiful memories of our life and dreams together.  Our most important dream was taking care of the animals that we collected over the years that were never adopted.  We still have over 50 living a wonderful life at our sanctuary in Homerville. Now most of my earthly time now is spent trying to come up with a way to make sure that I do not let down Shelley and the animals that we promised to protect. I know that most of you who are reading this have often asked yourselves – what will happen to my animals is something happens to me.

With that in mind, since 2017 I have been driving myself nuts trying to come up with a way where our animals will be taken care of after our lives ended. What you are about to read is my best idea yet. If you think it is a good idea for you then – I am here to help. After all, helping others help others is always what made Shelley and me the happiest.

First off – We are a Charity just like you.  We have a home on Jekyll Island, Georgia with a beautiful Loft, 4-bed apartment that is in the Jekyll Island rental pool.  The Loft has a 5-Star Rating.  However, because there are so many rentals on Jekyll it is not rented near as much as it needs to be for us to fund our charity Suzie’s Friends.

One day in early March 2020 because an idea popped in my head that I am sure Shelley orchestrated.  Why not have a Jekyll Island Vacation Raffle!  Where else will a $10.00 raffle ticket help the life of a homeless animal and give someone a chance for a beautiful vacation on, according to MONEY Magazine, America’s #1 Vacation Destination.  By this time my brain was working so hard ‘smoke’ was coming out of my ears so started my first raffle and in less than 3-weeks my, really Shelley’s, idea generated over $4,000.00.  I have had two raffles now, both in March, and my 3rd raffle that will start April 3, 2020.  I have also taken on three (3) Raffle Partners that I am doing the same for.  One of my greatest dreams has always be to be able to help other rescues survive. If you need help with your organization I am here but don’t wait long since I am soon to be 75.

How much can you expect to generate for your organization?

The Raffle can generate up to $2,500.00.  Suzie’s Friends needs $1,000.00 per raffle to help keep its doors open. That leaves as much as $1,500.00 per raffle for the Raffle Partner – YOU!

How much work is involved on your part?

All you have to do is put your Jekyll Island Vacation Raffle on Facebook and e-mail your friends and ask them to send it to their friends.

I do the rest.

I prepare the digital marketing information for yours and your friends Facebook accounts as well as the e-mail attachments that you will send to your friends – who will in turn send to their friends.

Raffle ticket buyers will log in to our Point of Sale and purchase their tickets using Your Unique Part Number and I process your Ticket Money.  When the raffle is complete and the winner is picked I will send a check made out to your 501(c)3 Charity for the amount over $1,000.00.

I also send out ‘thank you’ e-mails to each ticket purchaser on your behalf and carbon copy you.

When you select the winner using our Random Winning Number Generator we will contact them and book their visit.

When they arrive I will meet them and make sure that their 3-day, 2-night vacation will be one of the most memorable experiences of their lifetime.  And then – you can start all over with another raffle.

 So what if you can’t sell 250 Tickets?

There will be occasions when a Raffle Partner will not be able to sell 250 Raffle Tickets. This is understandable. Should this happen we will make sure that we take care of our Partners as best we can.

This is what will happen.

The Suzie’s Friends Foundation needs to generate a minimum of $800.00 for each raffle. This helps us keep our doors open which is critical since we are in the business of rescuing animals as most of our Raffle Partners.

$800.00 is represented by the following expenses

  • The Dolphin Tour tickets for up to 4-guest
  • The 12-Volt GEM Car Maintenance
  • We will typically spend 8-16 man hours for each Raffle
  • Digital Designs that includes personalized Facebook and E-mail Banners along with a personalized Web Page design
  • Creating sales tickets per raffle ticket sold and maintaining PayPal money transfers
  • Sending each of your buyers a personal ‘thank your’ e-mail on your behalf
  • Scheduling the winner’s trip
  • Cleaning carts and bicycles after use
  • Cleaning of the unit after your guest leave
  • Utilities, laundry supplies and possible breakage

With this said, if you can only sell between 81-170 tickets ($810.00-$1,700.00 in sales) and for any reason would like to ‘call’ (or end) the raffle and pick a winner we would send you the difference between our required $800.00 and actual revenue generated between $800.00 and $1,700.00.

For example: If you sold 167 tickets and decided to end your raffle at that time you would have generated $1,670.00 in ticket sales. You would then pick a Winner and, using this example, we would send you a check between $800.00 and $1,670.00 or $870.00.  If you sell more than 170 tickets we would receive $1,000.00 and after you pick a winner we would send you a check for the balance.

For further information contact John Allison at

Suzie’s Friends, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Foundation located in Homerville, GA that has operated as a ‘State of the Art’ Animal Sanctuary since 2004.  It is registered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. License Number: 33-3394555

Suzie’s Friends, Inc.
P.O. Box 543, 122 Lake View Drive
Homerville, Georgia  31634

Shelley Allison
3-16-1955  /  2-22-2019

Where there is hope the sun shines a little brighter, the birds sing  a little sweeter, Suzie’s tail wags a little harder and that beautiful smile continues to ‘beam’ from Shelley’s pretty face.”