In October 2007 Simon was hit by a car. His eyes had been knocked out of their sockets and, among many other things, he had 4 ribs that had been broken away from his spine.

Simon was on an IV for several days while he was unable to eat. Honestly, many would have given up and put this little fellow out of his misery and pain but we kept looking for the ‘wag.’

I learned early on that if you give a dog enough time they will tell you when they can’t take any more that it is time to let them go. The sign we look for at Suzie’s Friends is the ‘wag’ of their tail. It took a while for Simon to decide but on day, 5 weeks later, we visited at the Vet Clinic and when we touched his head his little tail moved ever so slowly a couple of times. I knew then that he had decided to live.

Suzie’s Friends is full of stories just like Simon’s. Honestly – they all want to live and will if we give them a chance. We do everything humanly possible to give them that chance.

It is now February 1, 2020 and our ‘little old man’ is still warming our hearts. Simon now lives with Robert Rash here in Brunswick. Robert called back in July of 2019 to let me know that he though Simon was ready go to Heaven. A few days later Robert called to say that Simon was doing better. Pray for Simon.