The Last Will & Testament ofLayout 1

Shelter Dog #9

by: John Allison, Founder of the Freedom Riders


In early years a passerby sat down beside my door

I saw that he was interested in the number that I wore

I did not know nor did he the meaning of the ‘9’

he asked an old gray gentleman who said it meant – my time



to walk with him to a lonely room where ones he would not know

with tear filled eyes and broken voice would say ‘it’s time to go

to another life – a kinder life where angels wait in song

to let him know that in his time on earth he did nothing wrong



My life was spared when he picked me up and took me to his home

and swore to me his undying love and that I would never be alone

and that he would do all that he could to make me whole again

to heal my heart and restore the trust that I lost way back when




And now I’ve lived so many years because that stranger at my door

saw something in my dirty face and knew that there was more

He picked me up and wiped my face and I no longer felt alone

he healed my wounds, touched my heart and made me feel at home


But now I’m old and time is short and soon I’ll have to go

to meet the angels who years ago were waiting for me to show

But before I do I’ll say a prayer for those I leave behind

that upon their door a passerby will show before their time




bone and food27403_Cop77036So with my paws I pen these words to strangers I’ve never known

and ‘will’ to them my dish of food, my blanket, bed and bone

and in this ‘will’ I also pass a treasure I’ve loved so much


I give to each the precious gift of my masters gentle touch



For most will never get to know the love that I have found

and will make the trip to a dark filled room in a lonely pound

So I ‘will’ to that scared shelter dog a place so far apart

where all is safe in the love I’ve known in my masters heart




And all I’ll ask is when I pass these words you’ll never hear

“I’ll never have a pet again – the loss is to severe”

Instead go find an unloved dog whose life has held much pain

and give to him my place in life so he will feel the same…


…a loving heart, a gentle touch the softness of your voice

and let all know what you have done so they too will make that choice


In closing I bid you peace and love

and a caring heart for those who may never have a chance.

Visit a Shelter soon and find your Shelter Dog #9.

~ John & Shelley Allison

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