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Daisy will now be going to her new home on July 25, 2020. Please pray for her happy ever after life and for the pain that she suffered in her old life.


Several days ago we brought to you a report of a ‘horrible’ animal abuse situation involving an individual from DuPont Georgia.
We were contacted by the Clinch County Sheriff’s department who asked us for help. Even though we are always in need of financial support we took Daisy in and started the long and expensive process or getting her healthy enough to travel to the new home that we found for her.
She is doing well now and will be ready to travel on the 25th of July so long as we can raise enough money to pay vet bills that came to $980.54. Yes, very expensive. I won’t go into the horrors of this abuse situation simply because you would not want to know. I have been doing this a long, long time and this even makes me sick.
Thanks to our miracle working Vet, Dr. Lea McNeal, Lake Park Vet Clinic, and the love given to Daisy by our staff, Loretta Hendrix and Kelsey Johns, she is now a happy, beautiful and trusting little girl who will live a long life in the home of a loving family in another part of the country.
God bless this abused and once frightened and homeless little girl and our small, incredible staff, Loretta and Kelsey as well as all of you who will help Daisy find her way home.
Please donate a little something as a show of love for Daisy and the sorrow for the cruelty that has been a part of her life for so long. When you donate there will be a ‘comment’ section where you can include a little note to Daisy wishing her a life of love & trust with a wonderful family who is anxiously waiting for her.
Johnny Allison
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Daisy will no longer be exposed to an abusive predator. Once we get her funded she will be loved and cared for in a loving home out of the State of Georgia.