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Amanda Maguire’s

‘Mick’ & ‘ Mia’

Age: 11 & 8     Sex: Little Boy & Girl

Lives in Honolulu Hawaii

Our life started in South Georgia and after being rescued we move all the way to Hawaii!

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Bryan Thompson’s

‘Parker’ & ‘ Scooter’

Pups:  Age: 2 & 8     Sex: Parker (boy) & Scooter (Girl)

Kitties:  Ages: CC 7 (lower), Baby Kitty 4 (left), BB 3 (top)

Lives in Brunswick, Georgia

Found big one, Parker, about two years ago as a sick, hungry puppy blocking traffic at the intersection of Parkwood Avenue and Park Street. (Thus the name…)

Other is Scooter who was dumped downtown on Newcastle with a friend. We found a home for her friend but no one wanted Scoot we we kept her. That was about 8 years ago….

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Heather Brown


Pups:  Age: 7     Sex: Female

Lives in Homerville, Georgia

This is my very special girl, Kahleesi. She was rescued from under a house after her mother was hit by a car and we discovered that she had only a single, pitiful baby. ‘Leesi was about two weeks old when she came to us, she was bottle fed and grew up sassy and beautiful!.

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Lynn Allen Hulett


Age: 4     Sex: Little Girl

Lives in Homerville, Georgia

This is our Paisley ❤️. When we found her on July 3rd 2016 she fit in our palm and was covered in fleas (she was almost dead). Fast forward almost 4 years and now she’s the fat sassy girl you see in this pic. She is loved beyond measure

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Marcie Haney’s


Age: 12     Sex: Little Boy

Lives on Jekyll Island, Georgia

There is the ‘Big Bopper’ and then there is Noah ‘the Little Bopper’. Noah loves treats, rides in the cart, playing and fetching balls and has a gigantic ‘chest’ full of toys and plays with everyone of them.  He is my precious little boy and he is so LOVED!

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Tonya Stalvey


Age: 10     Sex: Little Boy Pup


Age: 2      Sex: Little Girl Kitty

Festus -10 years male

Lives in Dupont, Georgai

My daughter found Festus on the side of the road as a small puppy.  He had scabies, Red Mange, and maybe 13 hairs left. Millie is a rescue from the animal shelter. We love our babies here in Dupont, GA.


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The Shelley Allison Suzie’s Friends Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501(c)3 facility located in Homerville, GA that has operated as a state-of-the-art Animal Sanctuary since 2004 and as Feral Cat Rescue in Glynn County since 2005 with over 9,000 animals saved.  It is registered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. License Number: 33-3394555

Our primary addresses are:
420 Captain Wylly Road, Jekyll Island, GA 31527
P.O. Box 543, 122 Lake View Drive, Homerville, GA 31634