We’re so glad you care enough to make a donation!

The impact of your kindness will last a lifetime.

The pups are counting on you
to be as generous as you can — and to tell friends and family about this website, so they can help, and become one of Suzie’s Friends too!

Think of the lucky pets who will now have a second chance — a chance to be loved — thanks to your kind generosity.  Suzie’s Friends is a local program and all funds collected go to the care and preparation of dogs for their new life. Cost for ‘administrative overhead’ is 0%!

Plus the Suzie’s Friends volunteers who rescue, foster, treat, prepare and transport the dogs will be happy to know that you’re behind them. They’re doing their part, and are grateful that you’re doing yours.

Please open your heart to these poor animals?

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saddog3I just know they will be back.



A $25.00 Donation
will get you a bottle our famous
BBQ ‘Soppin Sauce’
that has the
‘#9 Poem’ is on the Label

When it arrives you will see what we mean when we say…

‘The Bottle & Poem alone is a Collectors Item’

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