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One of many Clinch County homeless dog stories that is sure to touch your heart.
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When this little girl was found by Shelley & John Allison of Suzie’s Friends in Homerville, GA she was minutes away from dying. However, the Allisons were very optimistic. Over the years they had seen so many in as bad a shape and even worse than this little baby who they affectionately named Lucy.

Over the next few weeks there were so many prayers and so many vet visits and so many anxious moments when they thought that she just might not make it. One thing that kept their hopes up was remembering so many other ‘death’s door’ animals that they had scraped up out of the ditches and in the woods of Clinch County. All had an incredible strong will to live and as they overcame unimaginable suffering and pain. It was so humbling to watch a dog who was in so much pain still wag it’s little tail when they heard someone’s gentle voice.

Lucy lives with a wonderful family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and especially like the family ‘hay rides’ every year.

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