The Story of Jordan & Jingles

Jordan had a very sad and lonely start in life. Shelly Allison caught a glimpse of something moving in the ditch a she and John, her husband, we’re on the way backto their animal Sanctuary in October of 2008. When they turned around there she was with her little tail wagging almost as if she already knew that wonderful things were going to be a part of the rest of her life. It took a lot of love to help her survive.

However, Jingles found herself living the life that every dog dream of. Running, playing and, of course, digging holes are just a few of her favorite things that she gets to do every day. Jingles Jordan went to live with her new adopted family Ken and Kimberly who made a special place in their hearts and home for this beautiful little girl.

Was she Spoiled? Absolutely! Deserving? Absolutely! Why?

Because she was once named Jordan who had a sad and lonely start in life!


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