Over 5 Million homeless animals

are killed in shelters each year but even more

are left to die along the highways and byways

and in the ditches in our own back yard.


Read a poem written by John for Shelley
of one of theirs that made it.  His name is Barney. ~ read more…

We are Animal Rescuers

and their ‘front-line’ of hope.

We live in a world where few seldom tread.

The next time you choose to DONATE just

remember that an animal rescuer in your area

can do more with $50.00 to curb

animal overpopulation than ANY nationally

recognized organization will do with $500.00.

You will never see them on TV but if you

look real close – every night you will see them

under the ‘cloak’ of darkness, trapping, neutering

and caring for frightened & homeless animals

in your neighborhood. So if your heart tells you to


please share some with them.  After all…

…THEY are your only true


and if you don’t know of one

contact any veterinarian and they

will gladly put you in touch.

Share the love, share the hope

and pray for a homeless animals

The Shelley Allison Suzie’s Friends Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501(c)3 facility located in Homerville, GA that has operated as a state-of-the-art Animal Sanctuary since 2004 and as Feral Cat Rescue in Glynn County since 2005 with over 9,000 animals saved.  It is registered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. License Number: 33-3394555

Our primary address are:
420 Captain Wylly Road, Jekyll Island, GA 31527