“Ditches to Doorways”


I see them every day and You see them every day…

…but until now all you could do is feel sad, maybe cry a little or get angry or just close your eyes and say a little prayer asking God to see them through another day and night in hopes that a Miracle might happen tomorrow.


Well, that Miracle has already happened!

We Can Find Homes For Most Dogs!

There are loving families waiting with open arms.
We just need to Get Them There!

In response to the sad destiny of Georgia’s homeless animals, the Suzie’s Friends project in Homerville, Georgia was conceived by Shelley & John Allison in 2002 after the 25th homeless dog showed up on their doorsteps. Number 25 was a little 3-legged  girl that they affectionately named Suzie. Thirteen years later, in 2015, Suzie’s Friends solicited the help and expertise of several rescue transport professionals that had already transported close to 30,000 of Georgia’s homeless and unwanted dogs into pre-approved, loving homes out of state. There were 347 in the Caravan shown on the right.



Do You Believe In…


CLICK and Meet Lucy from Homerville


Bottom Line?


We can find the vehicles with volunteer crews to take them home.

We just need the financial support to make it happen!


If you feel the same pain when you see a starving dog wandering the highways, byways and ditches of your community please help us take them home.

On the Left is an incredible story about a little pup that we named Lucy. It is just one of many Miracles that we have witnessed here at Siuzie’s Friends. I am sure there are more to come. (Click and Read About Lucy)


Please! The smallest DONATION will help make sure another Lucy will find its way home!

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If 100 people donated only a little
a precious ‘gift of life’ will occur.

Surely these little guys are worth it.

What an incredible gift and what an incredible feeling knowing that there is an animal in this world who, because of your kindness and generosity, now lives in a loving home. Please help these little guys. Please.


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