Over 5 Million homeless animals

are killed in shelters each year but even more

are left to die along the highways and byways

and in the ditches in our own back yard.


Read a poem written by John for Shelley
of one of theirs that made it.  His name is Barney. ~ read more…

We are Animal Rescuers

and their ‘front-line’ of hope.

Each month for over 10 years our team collects 150-200 of South Georgia’s homeless and helpless animals who have lost their way.  All they need is your help to find someone who will give them a little something to eat, a warm place to sleep  and a gentle voice to calm their fears.

Each animal will cost between $150 if they come with minor health issues to $500 plus if they arrive with heart worms or injuries – which most do.


They didn’t asked to be born
into a world where no-body cares.

Please Click Here and help if you do.

Bring The Family and be our guest
at one or more of our monthly transports.

Click Here for Transport Dates

If you think Disney World was fun…
…this family outing will blow your mind!

For the record – we are all unpaid volunteers


The Shelley Allison Suzie’s Friends Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501(c)3 premier animal rescue organization founded by Shelley & John Allison from Homerville, Georgia in 2002.

Our rescue partners are Nancy and Rick Allmon with Allmon’s All About Animals in Blackshear, Georgia

Our mailing address is:
420 Captain Wylly Road, Jekyll Island, GA 31527