Meet the creators of Suzie’s Friends.

Growing up in Georgia, John Allison always offered what he could when he saw an unmet need. He tells the story of being 9 years old when his father told him that he would never have anything if he didn’t stop giving everything away! 

jandsOver the past 40 years John and his wife Shelley have always been involved in charities for sick children, American veterans and abandoned animals.

In 2002, John & Shelley built a no-kill animal shelter, Suzie’s Friends, to help ease the pressure of animal overpopulation in their community.  Over the last 15 years Suzie’s Friends alone has spayed/neutered and found homes for over 8,000 animals. “It’s all about offering a little help to those who need it most,” say the Allisons.

As the overpopulation of stray dogs continued to increase beyond the number of available adopters, the Suzie’s Friends initiative eventually evolved into The Freedom Riders Project. Now, the dogs are prepared and transported to facilities in other areas, mostly up north, where they’ll become precious family members in loving homes.

“The Suzie’s Friends dog transport program will probably be the Allisons’ last hurrah,’ ” says John.  “We want to go out with a final payment to those we have loved so much, and yet will continue to need so much — the neglected animals. If what we leave behind will help to bring to a quicker close to their suffering, then our life on earth will have been a good thing,” he says.

It seems that John is still trying to give everything away. That’s a lucky thing for all the recipients, of various species, who have benefitted from those gifts.



It happens all too often in Georgia. They were such cute puppies, but then they get old, and are left to fend for themselves. 

Well over 250 dogs per month are transported on as many as 6 fully equipped caravans. In addition Pilots for Paws flies in frequently to pick up another hundred of so. 

Vet bills are tremendous. So are fuel and transportation cost. We desperately need help. Anything you can send our way will go directly to the ‘trenches’ where these poor animals call home. In your name they will be saved.