The hurt  of seeing an animal die will last a
lifetime and no-one can better explain to you
this terrible hurt than the shelter employee
who has to make the decision of who lives and
who dies.  I am ashamed just knowing that I
am part of a society that can’t or won’t think
of a better way.
With this in mind I am reminded of this quote.

"When we are no longer able to change a
situation - we are challenged to change
~ Viktor E. Frank

Through the Freedom Riders Project
we have decided - to change ourselves.

The only way that we can help is by trying to
find as many homes as possible for Georgia’s
death row shelter dogs. If we can
learn how to
do this with any degree of success then just
maybe the Freedom Riders Project will be an
inspiration for other communities to use parts
of our
model to help save those who die in
their shelters.
Freed  m Riders
What is the life of a frightened shelter dog worth?
Freedom Riders...  Why?          Who are the Freed
Our dogs come from the Forgotten Corridor  of South Georgia ple